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By James Arndt, Mar 15 2018 07:49PM

In this video I go through some of the latest changes to the source Unity project. These include polishing a rock solid physics-based controller, implementing a rudimentary audio system for the player, creating a pseudo "surface" detection system and the very beginnings of an animation control system.

By James Arndt, Mar 4 2018 02:31AM

I work during the day for Roblox. Go to school from 6 pm - 8 pm and then get home around 8:30 or so, and do a small amount of modeling for 2-3 hours. I wrapped the base mesh for this asset up over the course of the last two nights. Looking forward to bringing this into Substance Painter.

As always please feel free to follow development @

By James Arndt, Mar 4 2018 02:26AM

I spent my "off day" today modeling the hero character's shoe. It's based off of an old school Converse All Star shoe. As you can see in the progression of the images I start out by drawing splines for the more complex curvature and then create polygons between them using a lofting technique. Eventually it builds up a nice model. Tomorrow I might find time to do the texturing portion and make this look like a real shoe!

Please feel free to follow development @

By James Arndt, Feb 21 2018 05:51AM

I've started modeling the first asset for The Answer Is Never! It's not much yet, but it will start looking pretty once it gets into Substance Painter. Stay tuned to see the 1988-era skateboard goodness.

By James Arndt, Feb 19 2018 06:50PM

I was doing my daily Gamasutra reading and came across an interesting article about writing for video games, movies and television. One line really stuck with me. “Know what you’re trying to communicate thematically." I realized that I am not sure of what I want to communicate thematically. I mean I think I know. Some of the of things I do know are that I wanted to do something that was a reflection of my own growing up and one of the things I enjoyed doing, which was skateboarding. I have a fond adoration for the 1980's as it was a coming of age time for me and I think at the same time, for video games themselves.

They really came into their own mid to late 1980's and just started to barrel like a freight train into the 1990's. I want to create something with this game that brings back that feeling of the magic of not knowing things, and discovering them for the first time....skateboarding, video games, making new friends. How do I convey that feeling, how do I translate that into a theme? How do I communicate this or at the very least get another person to perceive my intent? These are all things I'll be thinking about over time and into this summer.

By guest, Feb 18 2018 04:01AM

So today I hit one of the milestones for the project! I usually know I'm going to move forward with a project in earnest if I purchase the domain name for the project. I've purchased the domain name, and set up the web hosting for the site. I've filled out what I have drawn up so far for content on the site. It's not much now, but it's a stage I will fill up over the course of this spring and summer. Ideally it will be filled with in-progress artwork and code demos!

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